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List of Community Projects

The following is a list of projects that are maintained and published by the community. Feel free to add your own if you think that it could be useful to others!

Name Description Package? / Source Code? Info Page / Discussion Date Added
Extended Audio Importer Allows importing .aiff, .mp3, .flac and .wav audio files into Duality. Yes / Yes GitHub / Forum 2016-04-16
SnowyPeak’s Data Plugin Allows importing plain text (including JSON and CSV) and XML files into Duality. Yes / Yes GitHub / Forum 2016-04-16
SnowyPeak’s Frozen Plugin Collection of various Duality plugins with utility, effects, procedural generation and UI functionality. Partially superseded by YAUI and Companion Plugin. Yes / Yes GitHub / Forum 2016-04-16
RockyTV’s Git Plugin (WiP) Editor plugin that integrates the Duality editor with Git. Yes / Yes GitHub / Forum 2016-04-16
BMFont Importer (WiP) Editor plugin that allows to import bitmap fonts using the BMFont format. No / Yes GitHub 2016-05-04
InputPlugin Editor and Core plugin which introduces a layer of virtual buttons between the computer keyboard and your game. Yes / Yes GitHub / Forum 2016-06-24
Procedural Animation Animate by code in Duality! Yes / Yes Docs / Forum 2016-10-22
Pathfindax Pathfinder for Duality. Yes / Yes Github / Forum 2017-02-12
YAUI Yet Another UI plugin. Yes / Yes Github / Forum 2017-09-05
Companion plugin A collection of utilities and nice-to-have features that could one day be part of the Duality Core. No / Yes Github 2017-09-05
VS Templates Visual Studio project templates for core and editor plugins, as well as Component classes. No / Yes Github 2017-10-23